$200 Million LimeWire Suit from Paramount, Disney and Others Dismissed


On February 1st, 2010 the internet file sharing site LimeWire and its founder, Mark Gorton were hit with another lawsuit, brought on by Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Viacom, Disney, Comedy Partners and Warner Bros’. The suit was over thousands of illegally downloaded films and television shows that the studios claimed LimeWire was responsible for. Upon filing the lawsuit, the plaintiffs demanded that LimeWire and Mark Gorton be found guilty even before the trial, citing that the file sharing giant had lost a similar lawsuit in May 2010. The potentially very expensive lawsuit did not result in that ruling, however, due to its abrupt dismissal.

New York City based Judge Harold Baer Jr. approved the motion

for a voluntary dismissal of the copyright lawsuit at the request of the plaintiffs. The reason for the case’s closure is unknown, but there has been speculation of a rather large settlement from the now- shutdown LimeWire.

Photo courtesy of: pcmweb.nl