A Packed Agenda for the Supreme Court

General Views Of The U.S. Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court is preparing to make some significant decisions in the coming months. A few of the cases on their docket include:

The case of FCC vs. Fox. The case will determine if the federal government has the constitutional right to regulate indecency on public airwaves. Television show NYPD Blue and TV appearances by Cher and Nicole Richie spawned the case. Now the court must determine if cursing and partial nudity on television is permissible.

The Supreme Court must also rule on U.S. vs. Alvarez to determine whether the Stolen Valor Act of 2006 is unconstitutional. Xavier Alvarez is challenging the act, a rule that asserts it is a crime to lie about receiving military awards. Alvarez, a California public official who never served in the Marines, announced that he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after serving for 25 years.

Miller vs. Alabama challenges punishments for juveniles. The Supreme Court has rejected the death penalty for minors and also states that juveniles are not to be sentenced to life without parole. The latter statement is being challenged in the thoughts that juveniles should be punished with life sentences without chance for parole. The case is primarily about two children, ages 13 and 14, who committed murder. Evan Millar beat his neighbor to death and set his trailer on fire. Kuntrell Jackson was charged as an accomplice in a murder case that occurred in 1999, three weeks after his 14 birthday.

Source: ABC News
Photo credit: Getty Images