Alex Rodriguez Drops Lawsuit Against Major League Baseball

Haute Lawyer A-Rod

Suspended baseball star Alex Rodriguez has dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball, the player’s union and commissioner Bud Selig. A-Rod’s lawyer Joe Tacopina confirmed the controversial athlete’s move to drop the lawsuit and accept the suspension. Rodriguez’s lawyer also confirmed that the slugger would not be attending spring training.

The MLB Player’s Association responded to the action, stating on Twitter that Rodriguez had done the right thing by withdrawing his lawsuit against MLB. Major League Baseball also responded in support of ending all of the litigation related to the Biogenesis incident.

Rodriguez was originally suspended back in August for 211 games. He chose to appeal the decision, finishing out the 2013 season with a batting average of .244. Rodriguez faces a 162 game suspension and ineligibly for play in the entire 2014 season and postseason.

The 38-year-old baseball star was the focus of the Biogenesis scandal. While other players were involved such as Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz, A-Rod was the only player to appeal the suspension passed out by MLB.

Details and photo courtesy of Bleacher Report