Alexander Wang Being Sued for Exploitation of Workers


Famous for his amazing fashions and a chic laidback style, it’s coming as quite a surprise that Alexander Wang may also be an abusive employer. According to a $50 million lawsuit that has been filed, thirty workers claim that they were forced to work 16 hour days without overtime while working in suffocating, windowless, 200-square-foot rooms.

While Alexander Wang earned $25 million in 2011, Wenyu Lu and dozens of other workers are charging Wang and his brother Dennis with the violation of many state labor laws in the operations located at 386 Broadway, stating that many of them have suffered injuries, illnesses, lost time from work and lost sleep. Lu, 56, has stated he was hospitalized for several days when he passed out after being forced to work 25 hours without a break. He says he was told he would be fired if he did not follow orders. Orders for the day were to “knit and perfect” a pair of leather trousers in four hours which according to Lu, is a job that usually takes 12 hours. After complaining about the working conditions and applying for worker’s compensation, Lu was fired on FebRUARY 16, according to Ming Hai, his lawyer.

Wang, is planning to open another 15 stores by the end of this year after since the 4,000-square-foot flagship store in Chinatown has been so successful. Because they had yet to be served with the lawsuit, the designer’s reps had no comment.