‘Anger Management’ Producer Joe Roth Sued for $50 Million


Charlie Sheen’s comeback show Anger Management is the center of a lawsuit dealing with a breach of contract suit targeting Joe Roth and his Revolution Studios.

Jason Shuman and his company, Blue Star Entertainment, claim that he developed an adaptation of the 2003 movie with the same name but he never received back-end ownership and credits owed to him.

In the suit, Shuman claims that Roth brought him on board to develop several series, one of which was Sheen’s upcoming sitcom. Shuman was ousted from the project when Charlie Sheen was signed in 2011. The damages are being sought to cover the loss of back-end ownership. Roth claims that the suit has no merit.

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management is scheduled to air in late June.

Photo credit: Inquisitr.com