Apple Caught in iPod Class-Action Lawsuit

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In 2004, Apple blocked ipods from being able to use RealNetwork’s Harmony product from working on their iconic device. While not many people are aware of the blockage, the lawsuit focuses on this event as a reason to bring monopoly accusations revolving around itunes and iPod.

According to several reports, all owners of iPods purchased between September 12, 2006 and March 31, 2009 are officially a part of the class-action lawsuit against Apple. In the lawsuit filed, it claims that Apple violated several laws, both Federal and State, in regard to software updates that prevented the players from being able to play songs not acquired on itunes. The lawsuit focuses on the claim that the software updates caused the iPods to be more expensive than they otherwise would have been.

Those who own an ipod nano (1st through 4th generations), an ipod touch (2nd and 3rd generations), an ipod shuffle (1st through 3rd generations), or a classic ipod are automatically enrolled in the Class-Action lawsuit.