Armstrong Deemed Vague and Unapologetic

Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey

When Lance Armstrong agreed to give a two-night interview regarding his doping allegations, critics and supporters alike speculated about how much he would confess, and if he would apologize. Now, after the talks have aired, the resounding reaction is disappointment and a sense of, “That’s it?” David Howman, the executive director of the World Anti-Doping Agency found Armstrong’s statements inaccurate, insubstantial, and will not be satisfied until he testifies under oath. Many find the segment with Oprah an attempt at entertainment, and a weak move to reconstruct his tarnished image.

During the interview, Armstrong denied pressuring his former teammate Christian Van Velde to use performance-enhancing drugs. He also denied that he had convinced an agency to cover up,

and overlook positive drug scans in Switzerland by donating money to the organization. Many feel that while Armstrong may be more sorry he was caught doping than for actually doping in the first place. Additionally, some speculate that Armstrong may hope to run for political office, and is dealing with his image in a way that presents someone struggling with a brave face through hard times. SCA Promotions will decide whether to sue Armstrong for money paid for his wins under false pretenses. They could press for sums up to $12 million. The interview with Oprah is widely seen as only the first in a long road of steps for Armstrong to rebuild his image, a path that would include testifying under oath, apologizing, and repaying sponsors for money spent on his athletic accomplishments.

Source courtesy of The New York Times. Image courtesy of The Washington Post.