Associated Press Receives Un-Redacted Marilyn Monroe FBI File


The Associated Press petitioned the FBI for Marilyn Monroe’s file, without the numerous redactions previously present, through the Freedom of Information Act. While many were hopeful that it would shed new light on Marilyn’s death, which was frequently speculated to be a result of foul play, the new information on the file only serves to show how the FBI monitored Monroe’s potential links to Communism. There is no new information gleaned on the circumstances surrounding, or investigation into her death.

The file reveals the names of some of Monroe’s acquaintances and friends that were of concern to authorities. Monroe became involved with Frederick Vanderbilt Field after a trip to Mexico. Field’s family cut him off from his inheritance because of his left-leaning political views. While the agency kept close ties on Monroe for her leftist political views, they did not present any conclusive evidence that she was a member of the Communist party in her file. It was shown that she strongly advocated for civil rights, and despised McCarthyism, but they admitted that she was not being “actively used by the Communist Party” in a passage from her file. The circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery.

Source courtesy of The Huffington Post. Image courtesy of The Style.