Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes Faces 24 Counts of Murder

James Holmes Facing 24 Counts of Murder

Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes was formerly charged yesterday with 24 counts of murder for the massacre that occurred on the opening night of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Prosecutors say Holmes dressed in ballistic gear and assaulted moviegoers during a midnight showing of the film on July 20. The attack resulted in 12 fatalities.

For each of the deaths Holmes faces a charge of first degree murder and a charge of first degree murder with extreme indifference. The charges meet the criteria for the death penalty in Colorado. Holmes also faces 116 counts of attempted murder.

Lawyers for the 24 year-old former doctoral student are asking for more time to enter a plea to the charges. He only spoke once during Monday’s hearing when he waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days.

While the charges meet the criteria for capital punishment, prosecutors have not announced whether they plan to seek the death penalty in the case.

Holmes has allegedly told officials at the jail that he doesn’t know why he has been locked up. Jail officials have reportedly said that they believe Holmes is faking amnesia.

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Source: TMZ and Huffington Post