Barnes and Noble Pin Pads Victim of Thief

Barnes and Noble

On Wednesday, October 24th, Barnes and Noble released a statement confirming that pin pads in 63 of their stores were compromised by thieves. The criminals implanted devices to skim the credit card numbers and pins of people who used the affected pin pads in certain locations. Barnes and Noble contacted customers who made credit card purchases at the stores involved, despite the fact they were not required to disclose the fraud because of safe harbor letters from the federal prosecutors. Customers were advised to change pin numbers, and check for fraudulent purchases in their statements.

Barnes and Noble does not know how many people are impacted. Yet the company maintains that its customer database is secure and intact, and that the company website, Nook e-reader, and Nook app purchases are not within the scope of the crime. They released a list of stores where the bugged pin pads were found, none of which were college bookstores. In each affected store in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvanian and Rhode Island, Barnes and Noble found only one pin pad that was endangered, and they disconnected all pin pads by September 14th 2012. The New York

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field division of the FBI is involved in the investigation. Barnes and Noble stocks are down .72 percent after the statement was released.

Image and Content Courtesy of Reuters