Billionaire Offers $6.9 Million Settlement to Ex-Girlfriend

George Soros speaks on stage at the Annual Freedom Award Benefit Event hosted by the International Rescue Committee at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York

Billionaire George Soros has found a $6.9 million settlement isn’t enough for his former ex-girlfriend. Information has surfaced that Soros offered the large settlement to Adriana Ferreyr that was ultimately turned down.

Adriana Ferreyr had sued her former flame after claiming he had promised to buy her a $1.9 million Upper East Side apartment.

Ferreyr claims he backed out on his promise and gave the place to his current wife, Tamiko Bolton. She also claims Soros was abusive to her just before their relationship ended in 2010.

The two parties have been engaged in a lengthy three-year legal battle. It would appear the fight could continue with Ferreyr rejecting the $6.9 million payout.

An appeals court tossed out most of the woman’s claims against the billionaire in April. A lawyer for Soros has said there is currently no settlement offer on the table.

Details and photo courtesy of Page Six