brenda b. shapiro

Brenda B. Shapiro Talks About Her Most Vital Office Resource

I have been asked to name the number one resource in our office  and describe how it enhances our work. The resources suggested were “program, app, website, database,” the usual suspects. Clearly, the most significant resource in our office (and probably yours) is our Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Paralegal, Secretary who for us is Denia Sosa Amador. Yes, one person who performs all those tasks.

All efficient firms have at least one person in each of those categories. We are a three lawyer law firm. Thanks to modern technology, no one needs to dictate into a machine any more. Lawyers have the requisite skills to do their own pleadings, motions, letters, and with electronic filing, their own filing of documents with the court. Having practiced since 1991 and being a card carrying (Social Security) senior, Denia needs to format for me but even I can e-mail and e-file.

Denia Amador is our most used resource and our most treasured. And that is what this is about. Without the right support staff, the right people around you, law firms under-serve their clients. Denia gets hearings faster than most because she can name every Judicial Assistant in the family court. She screens phone calls putting clients through first…and salespeople, never. She knows the difference between “urgent” and “emergency.” She has her own system of paying vendors, and can cajole any vendor to give us a week after thirty days and they do because they know she will have the check to them in the agreed upon time frame…give or take. She never takes, she only gives. Certainly to the three of us and all clients who call upon her. She never gives legal advice, she suggests solutions and if it is legal advice that’s needed, she knows which lawyer to assign the call to.

We have the programs, apps, websites, and database that everyone has.

If forced to choose the most useful, I’d say WestlawNext. Other law firms probably have their own go to person. But as far as resources are concerned, the best law firms have the best support people. We are grateful that ours is Denia Amador. She does much more for our clients and our work than any electronic device or program can possibly do.