brenda b. shapiro

Brenda B. Shapiro Talks Social Media

It was about ten years ago. My secretary told me that a man on the phone wanted to retain me. “Who referred him?” “He read about you on the internet.” “Tell him, no.”

I didn’t have a website ten years ago. Facebook was for kids. I still don’t Twitter. I had never

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heard of Linkedin…ten years ago.

Social media has pulled me into the present. I am on Facebook. I am a Twitter member. I use Linkedin. That is the key. I USE Linkedin. I joined the Collaborative Law group on Linkedin to learn what collaborative law practitioners think about this newest form of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and what issues they regularly face. I joined the University of Miami Law School group. Where else could I exchange ideas with Roy Black? He wants to change the way we teach law. I don’t. I keep in touch with the Alumni association of my college. I endorse those people I know for the skills I know them to have. Linkedin works for me because it teaches me things I need to know.

However, I don’t credit social media with changing my practice. The internet changed my practice and everyone else’s. I am able to respond quickly to clients and counsel. I can set conferences on Doodle. We must (not can), must e-file court documents. Time is saved. Expenses are reduced.

In all due respect to Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t really need to know what my friend wore to the opera. I don’t even care what opera she attended with whom. I do appreciate being reminded of birthdays, but it has no effect on my law practice.

I confess that every once in a while, I Twitter. My three sons Twitter and I check in to see what brag I am entitled to regarding my grandchildren. I know that President Obama Twitters. He probably shouldn’t.

I think my office manager and associates checkout the Facebook page of new clients. I know they each Googled me before they applied for the job. If Google is “social media”, it has changed my practice and my life. My associates and office manager are the best.

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