brenda b. shapiro

Brenda B. Shapiro Talks Typical Clients and Business Philosophy

When first meeting with a client, what are some of steps you take to familiarize them with their type of case and your

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When I have my first meeting with a client, my main goal focus on their specific case and not compare it to others. The most important thing I have realized from having countless meetings is that the client does not care about anyone else’s case, they are only concerned with their case. This is how I conduct my business; I give them the options that the law will give them. During my first meeting with a new or potential client I talk about ways to settle their case, governed by what both parties want to happen. That can only happen if the client is able to mediate and participate in a collaborative divorce. The first interview is the most important because I see what it is they really want out of this divorce and I let them know that their case is unique and it will be treated as such. I believe this is why my retention rate is so high and why the majority of the potential clients that come in for a preliminary interview keep their case with us.

Describe your typical client. What kind of special training or knowledge do you have that might assist you in reaching an ideal outcome?

My typical client is apprehensive about even being in a lawyer’s office. They do not know how the legal system works and are afraid of the costs, the outcome, and their future. They are usually wealthy so financial dissolutions are their main concern and it is always my top priority to protect their interest.

What is your business philosophy? What about that philosophy sets you apart from competitors?

My business philosophy is to always protect my clients’ best interests, which is why I am more flexible in billing practices and begin each case by explaining to them ways we can settle it instead of litigating. This helps the client financially because taking these cases to court is extremely costly and many times unnecessary. However, if the situation presents itself, I am not afraid of the courtroom. I rather like the drama of litigation, but it does not benefit the client. Frankly, I think it is ridiculous that people spend $1 million on legal fees and my wealthiest and smartest clients know they can avoid that with my help. I have represented clients in multimillion estates and represented clients in no assets martial estates and still the largest fee I ever collected was $125,000 from the wealthiest client. I understand that clients list their financial future as their top concern so I make it my top concern to get them the best settlement at the lowest price.

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