Celebrities Suing Parents Has Become a Popular Trend


Many celebrities have been the target of exploitation for their fame and fortune. For some celebrities, their own family members have been guilty of trying to take advantage of their wealth and status. Some of these stars have had to go so far as to sue their own flesh and blood, namely their parents.

Aaron Carter is one of those suing celebrities. He sued his mother in 2003 over claims that she stole over $100,000 from his bank account.  Carter also contended that his mother was guilty of stealing some of his prized possessions such as a jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” video.

Kobe Bryant also threw the book at his parents for trying to auction off $1 million of memorabilia such as trophies and jerseys. Before the basketball legend and his parents went to trail, they reached a settlement out of court.

Singer LeAnn Rimes also went after her father and former co-manager through legal means, claiming the two spent more than $7 million of her profits. Rimes was able to settle the lawsuit with her father by 2002.

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester also joins the list of celebrities who have sued their parents. She sued her mother for the mishandling of $7,500 a month the star sent her to assist with her younger brother’s medical costs.

Details and photo courtesy of Fame10