Celebrity Apprentice Star Omarosa Sues La Toya Jackson

celebrity apprentice

Known perhaps as the most aggressive reality-TV star of all time, Omarosa is not really someone you want to mess with. La Toya Jackson didn’t seem to care about this teensy little fact when she was fired from Celebrity Apprentice on March 17th and cracked a nasty joke about Omarosa’s late husband. Now that she’s been slapped with a lawsuit, we think she might be caring a little bit more.

When Omarosa spoke of the matter on The Howard Stern Show, she commented, “She said really nasty things about Michael. She said ‘he had a heart attack and I know that she caused it. He was on life support and she went and pulled the plug.'”

E! News recently attempted to reach La Toya for comment, but her rep said they had no knowledge of the lawsuit. However, Omarosa recently received a letter stating that the producers were to fault, not Ms. Jackson.

Photo courtesy of E!