Celebrity Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Selling Home in Cambridge


Alan Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law, and defense attorney for celebrity clients including Patty Hearst, OJ Simpson, Michael Milken, and Claus Von Bulow has put his historic home on the market. The listing, posted at just below $4 million, is located on Reservoir Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the water source for the city used to be located. Dershowitz is selling to move back to his native home in New York. The house was designed in 1955 by Frederic Shurtleff Coolidge, as graduate of Harvard Design School as a home for his parents. He went on to design notable buildings including the Alpine Meadow Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, and homes, shopping malls, and hospitals across New England.

The structure was influenced by Coolidge’s modernist mentor Carl Koch, and used contemporary design of the time. It is on .37 acres of land, with an indoor swimming pool, and around 5,000 square feet of space. It features expansive glass windows and a low pitched roof that help it meld with the landscape. The home was previously owned by the Wasserman family and the Baltimore family. David Baltimore, who won a Nobel prize and is the former president of Rockefeller University and the California Institute of Technology, sold it to Dershowitz, who was the youngest professor ever at Harvard Law starting at age 28. It remains to be seen who will pick up the legacy of greatness in this home. Deborah Barry of Hammond Real Estate is featuring the listing.

Source and Images Courtesy of Boston.com