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Custom Etched Gifts

Don’t have a vinyl cutter? No problem just contact any sign shop, and they should be able to create your stencil for you (I can as well if needed, always glad to help the community!)

Don’t have a sandblaster? Just try the Armour Etch cream. It’s available in most craft stores and online.

Don’t want to mess with either? Well you’re still in luck! There is a type of sign vinyl that simulates the look of etched glass (near identical in appearance.) Quick and easy, though not always cheap. It is also not dishwasher safe and is not a permanent modification (remember removing the vinyl in Step 6? Etched Look Vinyl can come off just as easily) but sometimes that can be handy too.

There’s also the Laser method, but that’s not accessible to as many folks as the stencil etching methods.

There’s something that a gift made with thought and love can deliver that a store bought gift cannot. These went over extremely well, and we’re already planning our gifts for next year!

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