cheap ray bans uk Convertible Oak Child Sled

Convertible Oak Child Sled

I built one of these from my own similar design when my granddaughter was 1. She is 9 now and we used it in the snow last winter.

Those metal runner guards are a necessity even when not used in the city. We lived in the country and I mostly pulled her around the farm, but she wanted to ride the sled so much that the snow, in the very cold, snow ate the red oak runners. Icey snow acts like a million very sharp minute pieces of glass. I used strips of stainless and they have held up really well.

By the way, last winter when we were sledding I used the sled and my 208, old, pounds felt great sliding down those hills. Thanks for the instructables.

Thanks for the kind words.

The metal runners were a bit of an after thought so I did not put a lot of thinking into it at the time. but ones on the front do have short bolts and are under the support ropes and for the ones on the back I did not have the right length of bolt but I situated them under the overhang of the seat so I am not too worried that she can fall om them. I will see how the runners hold up over the season and will take your suggestion and replace the bolts when I do my end of season cleanup on the sled.

Also that would be a good time for me to do phase two.

When I was building the seat it reminded me of a small cottage deck chair. I am thinking I may build a little seat bottom so that they can reuse it in the summer as an outdoor lounge chair for the little lady! Basically convert it to an Adirondack chair (or here in Ontario Canada as we call it a Muskoka chair)

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