$19B Chevron Lawsuit Heats Up with Testimony of Alberto Guerra

Former Ecuadorean judge Alberto Guerra Bastida leaves the federal court in New York

Chevron’s $19 billion lawsuit against attorney Steven Donziger has taken an interesting turn.

Yesterday, in New York Court, Alberto Guerra testified about the phony rulings he provided for Donziger to aid his initial $19 billion victory against the company. Donziger prosecuted the company on the grounds that they were responsible for a massive expanse of pollution and source of illness for many locals. Now, Chevron is firing back, claiming that Donziger’s case was part of a huge extortion and conspiracy, and Guerra is the one to confirm it.

In his first round of testimony, he revealed that he received payments from Donziger throughout the initial lawsuit of $1,000 cash each month. In return, he presided over the lawsuit and wrote rulings that favored Donziger’s side of the case. Guerra has admitted to accepting bribes during his career and lost his judgeship in 2008. Donziger’s team will have a chance to cross-examine Guerra

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as well, which will undoubtedly be a controversial day in court.

Photo courtesy of: wbcable.net