Chris Brown and Drake Nightclub Lawsuit Tossed by Judge

chris brown

Lawsuits tend to follow celebrities around as much as those pesky, camera-wielding paparazzi these days. It is of no surprise then that a former SoHo area nightclub filed a $16 million lawsuit against Hip Hop artists, Chris Brown and Drake following their June 2012 brawl. W.i.P—the nightclub that served as the venue for the Pay-Per-View worthy, bottle-shattering clash between the artists’ respective entourages—had claimed that the scuffle caused harm to the establishment’s reputation and extensive damage to the property in the process (talk about your overpriced bottle service!).  Fighting supposedly erupted after words about Rihanna were exchanged. The fellow artist, who has been romantically linked to both defendants, was not present at the time of the altercation.

Fortunately for both Chris Brown and Drake, a New York judge has thrown out the complaint on account of its frivolous nature. The state of New York concluded that the altercation was nothing out of the ordinary given the common practice of bar fights.  It was determined that the neither man had “any specific duty to the club to avoid a confrontation.”

The nightclub—referred to as a “drain on police resources”—was immediately shut down by the NYPD following the incident and has since lost its liquor license. The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) sited ten separate assault altercations within the three-month period leading up to the SLA’s decision and it is highly unlikely that they will be able to reclaim the license anytime soon.

Photo courtesy of posh24