Chris Brown and His Bodyguard Face $3 Million Lawsuit

Haute Lawyer Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, are facing a $3 million lawsuit after a man claims the two assaulted him in Washington D.C. Parker Adams filed a civil lawsuit against Brown and Hollosy over the incident that took place in October.

Adams claims Brown broke his nose and also shouted a homophobic slur at him. The man was trying to get into a photograph with Brown and two females outside of the W Hotel. He contends that both Brown and his bodyguard attacked him. Adams is seeking $1 million from each party along with $500,000 for punitive damages from the singer and his bodyguard.

Brown has told a different story of the incident, claiming Adams was the attacker. The singer claims the alleged victim was trying to get on to his tour bus.

Brown is currently in rehab for anger management from previous incidents. The altercation with Adams also has the singer dealing with misdemeanor assault charges. Both Brown and his bodyguard will face trials on April 17.

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