Chris Burch Sued for Discriminating Against Straight Male Worker

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Jamie Ardigo has accused the ex-husband of fashion designer Tory Burch over being discriminated due to sexual orientation. Ardigo claims that he was fired by the J. Christopher Capital LLC in February after being promoted to Human Resources Director in November of the previous year.

During the proceedings in the case, Ardigo claims that Burch openly stated that he preferred hiring gay male workers because they were productive workers he could trust. Furthermore, Ardigo claims that he was fired after complaining to his superiors about the discrimination.

Burch’s lawyer, Brian S. Cousin, has announced that his client is not guilty and they are prepared to mount a strong defensive against the retaliation of the former employee.

This is only the start of the problems between Burch and Ardigo. Prior to Ardigo’s firing, he was involved in the C. Wonder branch of the SoHo store, which has been at the heart of a financial dispute between Mr. and Ms. Burch. This dispute, interestingly enough, dates back to February, around the same time that Ardigo was fired.