Civil Suits Against Britney Spears Dismissed by Superior Court


Britney Spears and her family were sued in civil court under a series of charges brought by her former manager, Osama “Sam” Lufti.  Lufti sued Britney herself for breach of contract during his employment with her from 2007 to 2008, and sought 15% of her earnings for that period. He sued Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, for defamation after she published claims that Lufti controlled Britney, created estrangement in the family, and put drugs into Britney’s food in her 2008 book Through The Storm. Lufti sued Britney’s father Jamie for assault, claiming that Jamie hit Lufti on the premises of Britney’s mansion.

Lufti worked for Britney during her rocky time nearly four years ago, when she had a public breakdown, was hospitalized, became estranged from her family, and lost custody of her children. Spears met Lufti in a club during this period, and hired him on as her manager. Since the breakdown, Britney has made a comeback, most recently as a judge on The Voice, and dismissed Lufti from her employ. Judge Suzanne Bruguera of the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed his cases after hearing two weeks of testimony, for insufficient evidence to prove his claims. Lufti denies Lynne Spears’ allegations against him, claiming he was a friend trying to help Britney recover. He plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

Content Courtesy of BBC. Image courtesy of Reuters.