Connecticut Man Convicted of Credit Card Theft in Movie Theaters


Anthony Johnson of Connecticut was convicted on October 22nd of seven charges of using a stolen credit card, and two counts of identity theft. Johnson, who went by the moniker “Hustlin Tone,” would purchase tickets to movies categorized as chick flicks that would draw large numbers of women carrying purses. He and his female accomplices would then watch where women placed their purses, and would slip through the darkened theatres taking as many credit cards as they could from purses as they went.

They would then use the stolen cards to charge as much as $30,000 worth of small, but expensive purchases ranging from gift cards to iPods and cell phones. Johnson operated his movie theatre scam between 2008 and 2010. In one day alone, he stole three credit cards from a woman, charging over $90,000 in purchases at CVS, Target, and casinos. He will be sentenced for his crime on January 14th. Each unlawful access charge can carry up to ten years, while identity theft has a two-year penalty.

Content Courtesy of the Huffington Post. Image Source