Criminal Defense Law In 2013: Miami Attorney Michael C. Grieco Weighs In


Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Michael C. Grieco shares how the new year could bring new challenges to the field of criminal defense.

What do you see as the biggest challenges faced by your profession in the coming year ahead?

Over saturated marketplace and staying ahead of technology. Every month it seems like 100 new faces pop up claiming to practice law in my field, with few of them qualified to handle serious matters. Trying to excel despite this hurdle is a major challenge. The second challenge is trying to stay one step ahead online, i.e. website, marketing, reputation management, etc.

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year ahead?

I personally handle several media cases a year and those cases afford my firm the opportunity to reach a broader audience/referral network.

What new Laws have passed in 2012, which will have the greatest impact in your area of practice for 2013?

On a national level, the legalization of marijuana affects many attorneys that handle the smaller simple possession cases. Time will tell on how state and federal governments will

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handle trafficking in larger amounts. Here in Florida, the fact that the legislature is looking into changing the now infamous “stand your

ground” law will affect how criminal lawyers formulate defenses on some more violent allegations.

What is it about how you conduct your practice that sets you apart from the rest of the field?

My practice has been described as a “concierge criminal firm,” meaning I try to keep the caseload

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relatively low to ensure that each client is not wanting for information or the requisite attention. My clients have my personal numbers and are encouraged to use them to ensure that there is never a communication breakdown. Most of my clients have concerns beyond the courthouse. Collateral consequences of a criminal charge, such as affects on one’s career, professional license, ability to apply for school, insurance, condo association, etc., are handled with as much care as the actual court case.

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting an Attorney?

The most important question(s) to ask is/are “what is my reasonable goal and how far am I willing to go to achieve it?” Everyone wants their case dismissed, but sometimes that is not a reasonable result. Or alternatively, dismissal or a not guilty verdict may be obtainable goal, but the client may need to risk a great deal in order to get there. Trials are scary and could result in jail or prison, but sometimes they are the only way to be exonerated. Alternatively, if a defendant is being offered a resolution that does not involve custody, he or she may be inclined to close the case short of trial.

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