Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested for Environmental Activism


The 51 year old actress, Daryl Hannah has run into trouble with the law in the past for her environmental activism, and participation in protests. Most recently, she was arrested on October 4th in Texas for blocking the path of an earth-moving machine set to clear trees and brush for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Hannah was one of several protestors at the property 80 miles east of Dallas in Winnsboro. The controversial project took possession of the land through eminent domain, and is slated ship over a half a million barrels of oil sands-derived crude oil between the Texas Gulf Coast and Canada every day when the entire pipeline is completed. The piece of the project Hannah was fighting at the time of her arrest would take oil from Cushing Oklahoma to Texas.

Hannah was arrested last year during another protest against the pipeline outside of the White House, where President Obama had put his support behind the Southern portion of the project. However, Obama does not support the northern section of the pipeline that would take crude oil from Canada into the U.S. through Nebraska. Because the pipeline crosses an international border, the State Department must grant its approval. TransCanada has reapplied, and is awaiting judgment with the hopes for approval.

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