Director Michael Moore Adds Super Agents To Witness List For Divorce Case

michael moore and wife reuters

Controversial director Michael Moore is reportedly bringing in the big agents to assist with his divorce case. The New York Post is reporting Moore has plans to use Ari Emanuel and Mort Janklow to assist with his divorce.

Both Emanuel and Janklow are listed on Moore’s witness list. His divorce trail is set to begin next month. The main argument will be determining how to divvy up tens of millions of dollars worth of assets.

The agents will most likely take to the stand to tell about Moore’s earnings. They are also expected to support Moore’s argument that Glynn badly damaged his unique position in the media. After Glynn used martial funds to build a mansion on Torch Lake in Michigan, Moore was the subject of several stories that mocked him as a hypocrite for having a luxurious vacation mansion.

Michael Moore and Kathleen Glynn were married for 23 years. She produced some of his documentaries.

Details and photo courtesy of Fox News