Elton John Sued over ‘Nikita’ Lyrics


Songwriter Guy Hobbs is accusing the legendary Elton John of stealing song lyrics.

Hobbs claims that he wrote ‘Natasha’ in 1982, only to hear John’s ‘Nikita’—with primarily the same lyrics—a few years later. The suit states that Hobbs copyrighted the song before sending to a few publishing companies, including John’s publisher Big Pig. He claims he never heard back from them.

A whole 30 years later, Hobbs is suing the singer for copyright infringement.

Elton’s rep said, “In short, the suit is completely meritless. The fact that Hobbs has chosen to wait more than 26 years after the release of “Nikita” to bring this lawsuit calls his motives into question. Sir Elton John and Mr. Taupin fully expect to prevail against this baseless claim.”

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg