Former TMZ Producer Sues TMZ


TMZ is normally reporting on lawsuits involving celebrities and those in the public life. However, the website is now facing its own legal woes.

Jarrett Gaeta has brought a lawsuit against TMZ over claims of wrongful termination, breach of contract, breach of good faith and emotional duress. The lawsuit explains how the former producer was let go over racist behavior.

He claims he is not guilty of racist behavior. The lawsuit also explains how the former TMZ employee has a damaged reputation because of the firing, making it hard to get another job.

Gaeta is accused of asking racist questions to a former employee who worked for the man. He is also accused of using AOL’s instant messaging service to send more racially offensive photographs to the worker.

TMZ has not commented on the case. Gaeta is looking for compensation for damages and attorney’s fees.

Details and photo courtesy of eurweb