Former TV executive Dropped From Hollywood Sex Ring Lawsuits

Michael Egan, Jeff Herman

Former television executive David Neuman has been dropped from a lawsuit filed against him and other showbiz figures such as X-Men director Bryan Singer. Michael Egan had accused several men of being involved in a Hollywood sex ring.

Neuman’s name has been quietly dropped from the sex abuse case. Egan had declared back in 2003 that Neuman never touched him. The news did not come to light until May of this year.

Neuman’s attorney had included the Egan testimony under oath in a motion to drop the case against the television executive.

Egan originally filed a lawsuit against Bryan Singer, accusing him of sexually abusing him as a teenager in Hawaii and California. One week after filing the case against Singer, Eagan filed several more lawsuit against former Fox television executive Garth Ancier and theater producer Gary Wayne Goddard, stating both had also molested him.

Details and photo courtesy of Page Six