George Clooney Gets Arrested, Raises Awareness

George Clooney, Nick Clooney, Jim Moran

Dubbed the sexiest man in the world, George Clooney upped the bad boy factor when he was arrested last week after invading the Sudanese Embassy to protest the country’s president Omar Al-Bashir, a supposed war criminal.

The embassy’s statement is that Clooney “broke international law” by sneaking into the region without a visa. He led the protest outside of the Sudan embassy, challenging Omar Al-Bashir to stop the violence and allow humanitarian aid help the country. Clooney was released from jail when he “posted and forfeited” $100 bond; this means Clooney will not have to return to court. He was amongst 15 other activists that were arrested that day, including his father, Nick.

Relying on his superstar status, Clooney toured Washington post-arrest with the intention of educating people on the situation in Sudan. He testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and attended private meetings with President Obama and the Secretary of State in regards to the African nation’s humanitarian situation and the Obama administration policy.

Before he was arrested, Clooney told The Associated Press that his main goal is to draw attention to the crisis and although he is unsure of the progress made so far, he was very impressed with Obama’s engagement on the issue.

Source: ABC News