George Zimmerman May Face Civil Rights Charges

george zimmerman

The controversial acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s suspected killer does not mean that George Zimmerman is done playing the role of ‘defendant.’ The neighborhood watch coordinator may be facing federal civil rights charges brought on by Martin’s parents. Following the recent decision of the state court, the NAACP is pushing U.S. Attorney General to pursue hate crimes against Zimmerman.

A Martin family Lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said that the parents of the deceased minor would investigate filing suit outside of Sanford, Florida, where the criminal trial was held. President of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, voices the opinion of many outraged family, friends, and spectators when stating, “there is reason to be concerned that race was a factor in why he targeted young Trayvon.”

Experienced federal lawyers will determine whether evidence suggests if Zimmerman can be prosecuted for violating any of the federal criminal rights statutes within the jurisdiction and whether the timing of the prosecution is appropriate following the recent state trial.

Similar to the notorious O.J. Simpson trial of the 1990’s, Zimmerman would be sued in federal court for the wrongful death of the teenager. Because this lawsuit would be prosecuted by the United States, under federal law, it is not to be considered double jeopardy—the law prohibiting a defendant to be tried for the same crime for a second time following an acquittal. With only enough evidence to make it more likely than not, Martin’s family will need to show that

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Zimmerman was at fault for the death of the minor. As a comparative fault state, Florida jurors will need to weigh the culpability of both parties before coming to a decision that could force Zimmerman to pay damages to the grieving family.