Gucci Accuses Guess of Trademark Infringement


Two five-letter fashion brands are facing off. Gucci America Inc., a luxury retailer established the world over, has accused Guess of infringing on their trademarks.

The trial began on Wednesday in Manhattan federal court, and will determine whether or not Guess sold items that bore logos and designs that looked too similar to that of Gucci.

Expected to last two weeks, the trial will also determine whether or not Gucci has any legal right to complain due to the fact that a suit was not filed until nine years after Guess began using their version of the interlocking “G” symbol. Interlocking letters are a common trend in the fashion world, used by Gucci and Chanel, as well as Guess.

Guess claims that there is no chance that consumers will be confused by the trademarks due to the fact that a Gucci purse is priced over $800 more than their $55 models. Gucci is seeking to claim $124 million in damages due to the infringement of their trademark.

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