How Many Real Housewives Have Businesses, Bankruptcies, and Divorces

Real Housewives

The popular Bravo series, The Real Housewives, has seven locations and a total of 67 housewives. Yet, over its seven years running, a few negative lifestyle trends have emerged for the women starring in the shows. A quarter of the cast’s marriages end in divorce, during filming and after it has wrapped. Nearly a fifth of the cast will file for bankruptcy by the time their reality tenure has ended. Yet, housewives keep flocking to the show. The Huffington Post looked at the numbers, and analyzed why.

During filming, the reality stars can earn salaries in the six-digit range for a season. Teresa Giudice reportedly earned $600,000 for each season of the New Jersey show, but then later filed for $11 million in bankruptcy in 2009. Eleven other housewives filed for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, a total of seventeen of the cast mates filed for divorce. However, it seems these women are willing to take the risk for the benefits a prime time television show can have for a business they have started before the show filmed, or that they created during its tenure. Almost half of all housewives have either promoted a product on the show, or received a spin-off on the brand-image they created. The most famous example is Bethenny Frankel, who pioneered her Skinnygirl low-calorie drinks on Bravo, and starred in two spin-offs based on her engagement and marriage. She sold her brand for an estimated $100 million after the show. With that kind of money, the wives can surely find a new husband or eliminate past debt.

Source courtesy of The Huffington Post.Image courtesy of Taylor J Stephens.