Is Kris Humphries Putting Reality TV on Trial?


Kris Humphries, the NBA star who is currently seeking an annulment from wife Kim Kardashian of reality TV fame, and his lawyer attempted to subpoena Kardashian’s current flame Kanye West by sneaking the legal documents in a Nordstrom’s box delivered to the starlet’s home in Los Angeles.

Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wasser complained of the ploy and mentioned to the court judge that Kardashian has already racked an astounding $250,000 legal bill to attempt to divorce Humphries and she claims she doesn’t know what it is that Humphries wants out of the proceedings.

Wasser claims that instead of only seeking an annulment, Humphries is looking to put reality TV on trial, and backed up her claims with evidence:  Humphries’ legal team have served Kris Jenner with a subpoena as well as the companies that produce Kardashian’s reality shows.

Wasser further claims that Humphries should not be asking for an annulment based on fraud; the lawyer states that Humphries went into the marriage with his eyes open.

Humphries’ lawyer Marshall Waller intends to prove the marriage was a sham to benefit Kardashian’s television show.  He wishes to obtain as much information as possible before taking a disposition from Kardashian.

Wasser intends for Humphries to pay all of Kardashian’s legal fees; as she says, her client simply wishes to be divorced and move on with her life, and questions why Humphries is pressing so intently for an annulment.