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J. Bryan Nugen of Nugen Law Talks Greatest Successes and Specialties

What do you see as your practice’s greatest success in 2012? How will you push past this in the coming year?

The pride Nugen Law takes in treating each client in a unique manner and the pride we enjoy each time clients share their experience with Nugen Law by referring us to their friends and family. Nugen Law never wants to “push past” the style of client care we provide– only to better serve where ever and when ever possible.

What do you consider your ultimate specialty, and what about this sets you apart from the rest of the field?

Nugen Law is a boutique law firm that focuses on Estate Planning, Elder Law and Estate Administration with a strong practice in representation of family-owned businesses. We take a client-centered approach to representation.

How do you keep your practice up to date with constantly changing world?

Nugen Law maintains legal research tools and resources are through “real-time” automated internet updates such that any change in the law is immediately available to Nugen Law; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the lawyers and paralegals at Nugen Law attend continuing legal education seminars germane to the needs of our clients as well as maintain memberships with organizations that provide daily updates and email communication.

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