J. Bryan Nugen Talks Current Events and Building a Successful Case

What is your key to building a successful case?

My area of law is unique in that I do not develop cases. I develop strategic Estate Plans permitting wealth to be protected by effectively creating Trust and Estate plans preserving wealth for today’s generation as well as future generations. I enjoy spending time with my clients assuring they understand why I am preparing their Trust and Estate Plans as I am and advising how best to approach the personal needs of each client. Home visits or out of office conferences are common. Attention to detail and client satisfaction are the cornerstone of Nugen Law.

How do you keep up with current events that may affect your industry?

Cutting-edge Estate Planning and Elder Law Practice so as to produce the most savings possible for my clients efficiently and effectively require my constant reading of new legislation, Internal Revenue Service findings and rulings, articles from other practitioners and attending a series of ongoing seminars. In addition to the countless hours spent every year I spend in making sure I am ahead of the curve for the benefit of my clients, I spend as much time and attention as each client needs to make sure that not only do I understand what my client wants to accomplish but also that their goals are met creatively and effectively. When an estate plan is completed, my clients have a sense of relief knowing not only that what they wanted was implemented but that it was done in a sound and prudent manner so as to minimize future conflict or concerns that can arise by working with lawyers who “dabble” in estate planning. Nugen Law is a boutique firm dedicated to Estate Planning and Elder Law.

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