Jalonta Freeman Victim of iPad Scam in Texas

Jalonta Freeman

The latest in a series of iPad selling scams popped up in a Texas gas station, where Jalonta Freeman became the victim of a scam. A man pulled up next to the woman, and offered a great deal on one of the new $800 dollar gadgets. He was selling them for $200. Freeman could not resist such a drastic price cut and purchased the item. When she returned home and opened the new toy, it was only a mirror in the box.

There have been similar reports from customers of Walmart. A fifteen year old, Courtney Akers, of Texas received an iPad as a gift from her mother purchased at the store. When she opened the box, all she found was several notebooks inside. There is a theft ring operating where thieves purchase an iPad from retailers like Walmart, remove the expensive item, and then return the box filled with an item of a similar weight for a refund. In April, a number of gas station incidents were reported in Northern Texas, in which con artists pedaled bootleg Macbooks and iPads in parking lots, which were really only boxes filled with weighted items. The return of this similar scheme signals to police that this might be the same circle of thieves, at it again. Detectives speculate that the lure of a deeply discounted sale may cloud the purchaser’s understandings of what is right and wrong, likely to be the real-deal or false. Freeman, for one, learned her lesson, and after losing $200 has vowed not to buy anything off of the street from anyone.

Source courtesy of The Huffington Post. Image courtesy of NY Daily News.