Jay-Z Heading to Court Over Roc-A-Fella Logo, Accused of Owing $7 Million in Royalties

Jay-Z Told in Lawsuit This is a $7 Million Logo

R&B and rap impresario Jay-Z could find himself in court soon over the logo for his Roc-A-Fella records.

Dwayne Walker says he created the logo back in 1995 and the art was purchased from him for $3,500. He says a contract was drawn up that would pay him two percent royalties from everything carrying the logo until 2015.

To date, that amounts to about $7 million, the amount specified in the suit according to Walker and his attorneys.

The dynamic of the suit could be complex. Artistic works are usually protected by a copyright unless the artist is contracted to create art for someone else.

In that case, technically the company that hired him owns the rights to the art. To further complicate the lawsuit, Roc-A Fella is now owned by Universal Music Group.

There’s no comment yet from Jay-Z or his representatives on the litigation.

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Source: reuters.com