Jay-Z Sued for Sampling in “Run This Town”


A New York City Federal Court lawsuit against Jay-Z claims the popular 2009 song Run This Town from Blueprint 3 uses sounds from a 1969 track called Hook and Sling by the late pianist Eddie Bo. The suit demands profits from Jay-Z and his record labels, and an order prohibiting the rapper from distributing the song.

The lawsuit was filed by TufAmerica, a company known for buying the rights to old songs, then suing current artists who use them without any permission. TufAmerica has sued plenty of other artists over sampling, and they are not the only ones on the lookout for artists using music with any semblance of old songs. A similar outfit was responsible for Robin Thicke’s high-profile lawsuit over his hit summer song Blurred Lines.

Sampling has been a controversial issue in the music world, and specifically the hip hop world for quite some time. With groups like TufAmerica on the rise, becoming referred to as “sample trolls,” it is hard to tell the long-term implications these lawsuits could have on the future of music.

Photo courtesy of: businessinsider.com