‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Jeff Garlin Sued For Alleged Assault

Jeff Garlin, star of the wildly popular TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm, is now being sued for allegedly damaging a woman’s vehicle. The Hollywood star was arrested on June 15 for the accusations that he destroyed Rachel Depaz‘s car window, following a dispute over a parking spot and his refusal to move out of her way. The alleged argument took place in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Although Depaz did file a lawsuit against Garlin, the prosecutors did not file criminal charges because the incident did not reach the necessary legal threshold. According to TMZ, Depaz’s lawsuit includes charges of assault and destruction of property. Reportedly, she is seeking unspecified damages. Furthermore, her legal filings assert that Jeff Garlin “slammed his fist against the driver’s side window so hard that it broke the glass” and scared her because the

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actor is “[a] very large, powerful and threatening man.”

Through the public Twitter platform, Jeff Garlin addresses the lawsuit on July 23. “Don’t ever believe what you read in the mainstream press or gossip sites,” he warned his 148,381 followers. Soon after he augmented his thoughts with “I’m a kind and thoughtful man… I refuse to get pulled down into the fray.”

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post