Jessie Jackson Jr. and Wife Will Plead Guilty to Fraud and False Tax Returns

jessie jackson jr

Jessie Jackson Jr., son of the famous civil rights leader and former Chicago congressman, will enter a guilty plea in charges filed February 15th that accused him of fraudulently using $750,000 in campaign funds. His wife and Chicago city councilwoman, Sandi Jackson, will submit a guilty plea

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for filing false tax returns. The former political power couple have both submitted statements to the media accepting responsibility and apologizing for their actions. Mrs. Jackson has stepped down from her council seat, while Jessie Jackson Jr. gave up his congress seat in November, amid an investigation by the FBI. Jackson was considered a White House hopeful, and now has undergone a drastic fall from public grace.

Prosecutors allege that Jackson, and a minimum of seven others worked to funnel campaign funds for personal use on purchases including a nearly $50,000 Rolex watch, furs, and fedoras owned by Michael Jackson. The maximum sentence for their crimes would levy a five-year prison stay on Jackson Jr., and three-years for his wife. However, typically when the accused accepts responsibility, they receive a more lenient sentence. Jackson was admitted to the Mayo Clinic for treatment of bipolar disorder, which experts say may be related to the crimes. It is known to produce radical, spontaneous behavior in sufferers including wild shopping sprees on big ticket items. Jackson won his congress seat when Mel Reynolds resigned after a sexual assault conviction, and voted on the liberal side for 17-years for pulling troops from Iraq, in favor of increasing minimum wage and gay rights, and for the U.S. bailout. The FBI investigated him for alleged bribes to obtain Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. senate seat, but Jackson has denied these claims.

Source courtesy of Reuters. Image courtesy of The Washington Post.