John F. Lang

John F. Lang Talks Personal Approaches, Typical Clients and Business Philosophy

When first meeting with a client, what are some of steps you take to familiarize them with their type of case and your approach?

Many of my clients are already rather familiar with trust and estate litigation and probate administration. Often, they have had prior counsel and are looking for an attorney with a different approach or greater experience in the area in which they need legal services.

I explain to new clients the procedures in the probate courts, which are sometimes different from those in other courts. I do my best to estimate the costs and the choices that they will be facing down the road. Where feasible, I explain to them my three-step approach:

1.    Thoroughly familiarize myself with the facts of the case;

2.    Try to resolve disputes among the parties early and amicably

3.    If an amicable resolution is not feasible due to the attitude of other parties, then aggressively and forcefully pursue my client’s interests through all means legally and ethically available.

Describe your typical client. What kind of special training or knowledge do you have that might assist you in reaching an ideal outcome?

My typical client is someone who is in danger of being cheated out of a a fair portion of the inheritance left to him or her by a deceased relative.  My effort to reach an ideal outcome for my clients is assisted by my 40 years of experience as an attorney, my 10 years of experience and training as a prosecutor investigating and prosecuting fraud and corruption, my 30 years of having litigated complex commercial cases, my having tried dozens of civil and criminal cases before federal and state court juries, and my reputation as an attorney as reflected by my high peer ratings, my writings, my legal education presentations, and my writings.

What is your business philosophy? What about that philosophy sets you apart from competitors? 

My business philosophy is to give my clients their money’s worth, which translates into giving them individual attention and the full value of my judgment, experience, and dedication. I call this concierge-level legal service. I leave it to others to judge how this may set me apart from my competitors. 

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