Johnny Depp gets hit with Lawsuit over Concert Debacle


Robin Eckert has filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp over allegedly being manhandled by his bodyguards at a December concert.

In a lawsuit filed by 52-year old disabled Eckert, she claims that Depp’s entourage of bodyguards randomly and without provocation grabbed her from behind and restrained her. She states that they ripped her cell phone from her hands, put her in handcuffs and then proceeded to drag her across the ground causing her pants to come off and expose her buttocks. Eckert says she suffered from a dislocated elbow, swelling, bruising, bleeding and possibly broken bones.

Police have stated that the woman appeared to be intoxicated, and while calling herself Jane Doe in the lawsuit filings, she was identified as Robin Eckert in the police report and is claiming to be a professor of medicine at UC Irvine. Eckert says that her main concern throughout the ordeal was protecting confidential medical client information on her cell phone. According to police, she has been less than cooperative throughout the ongoing investigation.