Justin Bieber Heads Back to Miami for Civil Suit Testimony

Haute Lawyer Bieber

Justin Bieber arrived back in Miami to give his testimony for a lawsuit filed against him by Jeffrey Binion. The photographer sued the singer over claims that Bieber’s bodyguards assaulted him outside The Hit Factory in Miami.

Bieber’s bodyguard, Hugo Hensy was carrying a gun which Hensy alleges was flashed during the incident. The singer’s camp tried to remove the memory card from the photographer’s camera. Court documents detail that Hensy was allegedly not licensed to carry a gun. Binion claims that he was pushed up against a wall, grabbed by the throat and choked.

Binion is looking for over $15,000 from both Bieber and his bodyguard over the incident, claiming he suffered bodily injury, pain, mental suffering and other medical costs.

The singer was set to appear for the testimony at the Miami Dade Courthouse. However, Bieber spent the majority of the day with his high-profile attorney, Roy Black in a downtown Miami office building.

Details courtesy of NBC Miami, photo courtesy of CNN