Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to Divorce, Holmes Making Fine Recovery Following Announcement


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, one of the celeb couples that has been a permanent fixture on all media outlets for over a decade, are calling it quits.

According to reports, mysterious people have been following Holmes and her daughter Suri around Manhattan in the wake of the divorce announcement. There is some speculation that the people might be associated with the Church of Scientology, to which Cruise is a devoted member.

The church has denied the claims, but Holmes hasn’t taken any chances. She has hired a private security firm to watch over her as she transitions back to single life.

Sources close to the couple say that church doctrine was one of the catalysts for the divorce. Daughter Suri is at an age where she would slowly be indoctrinated into the church–a prospect that wasn’t appealing to Holmes.

Holmes’ parents say they felt they were losing their daughter as she became immersed in the Scientology culture and add they’re happy to have her back.

Cruise hasn’t commented on the divorce. He’s been in Iceland shooting a film and celebrating his 50th birthday. Holmes was invited to the birthday bash, but she declined.

Holmes began life after Cruise in the public eye with an ice cream outing with Suri. The actress was also spotted in Manhattan doing some shopping in preparation for a July 4th cookout.

Source: DailyMail