Katy Perry Haircare Lawsuit Settled

katy perry haircare lawsuit

The British may have a negative stereotype regarding their oral hygiene, but they are surely doing something right in the hair care department—David Beckham, enough said. It stands to reason that a hair care company would sign a world-renowned celebrity as a spokesperson. However, it is not common for companies to file lawsuits when attempting to change the face of the company.

British hair care company ghd, which stands for “good hair day”, did just that and has finally untangled itself from singer/songwriter Katy Perry. Both sides recently settled a lawsuit over an oral agreement—or lack thereof, depending on the side you are on.

The Emmy-winning singer had claimed that ghd had owed her $2 million based on a verbal agreement that she had with representatives to extend her deal with the hair care company. The Brits claimed that no such agreement was reached as they were intending to cut [hair] ties with Perry after her contract expired.

In an attempt to cover their roots (this is too easy), ghd filed a lawsuit first to block Perry from suing the company for the $2 million that she believed was owed to her. Last month, both sides agreed to drop the case completely. There will be no “rinse, wash, repeat” for either party as they both have agreed to give up their right to re-file in court.

Photo courtesy of theinspirationroom