Keith Olbermann sues Current TV for $70 Million


Keith Olbermann is suing Current TV for damages up to $70 million. This just in: Current TV is filing a countersuit, citing Olbermann’s alleged bad behavior and asking a judge to rule that Olbermann will not see another dollar from the company.

Olbermann is claiming that his previous employer is guilty of broadcasting ads with his image without consent and using guest hosts for “Countdown” without his approval. He is also suing Current for refusing to give him editorial control over special election coverage, disclosing confidential terms of his contract, linking his name and goodwill to corporate endorsements without his prior approval, public disparaging, refusal of copyrights to stream show media on his personal website and refusal to invest in the show. That’s a hefty list.

The suit, which was filed in Los Angeles, claims that Olbermann was enticed to leave MSNBC to Current with the promise of editorial control, the freedom from corporate influence and a professional level of support to allow him to create a high-caliber political commentary show. Olbermann claims that these promises were not kept. In addition, he accuses Al Gore, Joel Hyatt and other management of Current for being nothing more than amateurs pretending to be entertainment industry executives.

Current TV President David Bohrman states in an email that the studio where Olbermann films is not of professional grade and never would be. Olbermann says that Current TV owes him between $50 million to $70 million in unpaid cash and equity compensation.

Olbermann’s run with the company ended when he was fired publically from Current TV. Al Gore released a statement saying that Olbermann was released due to disloyalty and disrespect to the viewers of the channel.

Image: Jason Kempin/Getty Images