Kim Kardashian Divorce Proceedings Set for June

Kim Kardashian,Kris Humphries Set for June Depositions

Kim Kardashian’s fleeting marriage to Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days, but their divorce may prove to be far more time consuming.

Depositions in the case pitting the reality star against the NBA player are set to begin in early June.

Lawyers for Humphries reportedly are pushing for Kardashian to be deposed first and lawyers are arguing over whether the depositions will be taped. Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wesser is arguing against putting the

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depositions on camera.

The divorce promises to be contentious. The two sides are expected to argue over the authenticity of their union and of course countless material possessions accrued during their relationship.

Among the treasures that will probably be argued: a $325,000 Ferrari given to the couple as a wedding gift and the $2 million, 20 karat engagement ring Humphries gave Kardashian for their engagement.

Humphries attorney says the car was given to both of them as a gift but Kardashian has kept the sports car for herself.

Kardashian’s attorney reportedly mentioned the hefty engagement ring when she was discussing a dispute between the parties over jewelry.

Kardashian is arguing through her lawyer that she wants the divorce to move forward. She contends that Humphries is slowing the process because of his desire for an annulment.

The next court date for Kardashian and Humphries is set for August 15.

Source: Huffington Post